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A Complete Review On the Gozney Pizza Oven Retailed by BBQs 2U.

BBQs 2u is a trendy brand in the UK that sells the best barbeques. Having been in this industry for a decade, they are well-versed in all barbeques (gas or charcoal).

Involved in this family business for years, they love sharing this knowledge with all their customers and ensuring they give them full support even after sales. You can check their website or even contact customer service to learn more about them.

One of the well-known brands they sell is the Gozney Pizza Oven. This oven is a restaurant-grade and is engineered to make that perfect wood-fire cooked pizza at home.

The oven’s flavour and performance are just what we all need for our taste buds. With them, they have three different categories of ranges:

  • Gozney Roccbox
  • Gozney Dome
  • Gozney Arc

Gozney Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

This pizza oven gives you that perfect wood-fired pizza you desire. It has that sleek design and advanced technology that offers you professional-grade cooking for an outdoor environment.

The temperature can reach up to 500°C in just 20 minutes, making getting that crusty, crispy pizza easier. It is lightweight, thus making it portable enough to carry anywhere you desire.

Available in four different colours, Gozney Roccbox Black is said to be a stunning “Tom Gozney Signature Edition” with all the elements black in colour.

Gozney Dome

A dual-fuel pizza oven with a robust construction has made it possible to cook pizza in an ancient fire-cooked style.

It is durable and easy to maintain, with a spacious cooking surface to cook multiple pizzas simultaneously. It is highly insulated, which makes it easier to maintain that high temperature to get that crusty pizza.

Available in two different colours, Olive and Bone, this makes a stunning new addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Gozney Dome S1 was a new product launched in October 2023. Its iconic shape and smooth matte-painted shell make it outstanding from the previous one.

Not only does it have a classy look, but the material it was made of is water- and weather-resistant, making it extra durable.

If you compare Roccbox and Dome, they both complement each other. They both serve the same purpose but have their unique attributes.

The dome is more prominent in size, as it helps you cook multiple meals together. Roccbox is lightweight and can be carried anywhere.

Gozney Arc and Arc XL

This product is due in March 2024, as it will be the most advanced compact pizza oven. The attraction here is the lateral burner that replicates the wood-fire cooking. The features include consistent heat, manageable control and a vast space for cooking.

The unique feature of the Gozney pizza oven is that it is made of cutting-edge technology and premium materials, which ensure proper temperature control and equal heat distribution.

The Gozney pizza oven is a certified game changer and the best pick for all pizza lovers. With BBQs 2u, you ought to get the best offers; log in to their websites to learn more about the deals and pricing. And yes, remember the accessories you are sure to get with it.

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