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Exploring Benchinfo: A Comprehensive Overview


Benchinfo stands as a versatile platform offering a wealth of information and resources across various domains. From business intelligence to technology insights, Benchinfo provides users with a comprehensive array of data and analysis to stay informed and make informed decisions. This paragraph aims to delve into the multifaceted features, functionalities, and benefits offered by Benchinfo, offering a detailed exploration for users seeking valuable insights.

Top 10 Benefits of Benchinfo for US recruiters

  1. Increased reach: Benchinfo allow recruiters to reach a large and diverse pool of job seekers or consultants available on bench, both locally and internationally.
  2. Cost-effective: Getting daily Benchinfo makes recruiter’s submission process faster and often cheaper than traditional recruitment methods or US job portal.
  3. Time-saving: Job portals automate many recruitment tasks, saving recruiters time and effort.
  4. Targeted job skills: Benchinfo allow recruiters to target specific groups of job seekers based on factors such as location, qualifications, and experience.
  5. Faster Process: Benchinfo provide a list of available consultants with all skills, for recruiters it is really easy to get map the current US opening and submission process will be faster.
  6. Easy to use: Benchinfo are daily emails comes from the Bench sales recruiters the greater you received the Benchinfo is the greater chance to make submission whereas Job portals have user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for recruiters to post jobs, search resumes, and communicate with job seekers but it takes too much time to make submissions.
  7. Resume database: When you have large pool of benchinfo then it’s quite for sure you have a database of resumes, which allowing recruiters to search for candidates with specific qualifications and experience.
  1. Reduced Automated screening: Benchinfo provide an approach in which recruiter can easily get all the resume of the consultant available on any particular bench recruiters also get latest and updated resume of candidate so it reduced the screening time as directly from email US recruiter screen the required skills and process for the further.
  2. Performance Analytics: Benchinfo help recruiter to make faster submission and almost all US staffing companies asking for the good submission only, Because when recruiters submit good profile PO comes directly so it always short the way of submission to the client when it comes to the corp to corp recruitment it is the shortest path to submission.
  3. Social media integration: Many Bench sales manager or recruiters these days share their Bench sales available consultant updated hotlist on linkdin , twitter and other social media platform like quora and reddit which can provide the faster conversions .

Top 200 daily Benchinfo Corp to corp hotlist remote and onsite jobs across US


S. No Consultant Name Technology Exp Location Availability
1 Manjusha Python developer 8+ Years Seattle, WA Immediately
2 jagadish QA-SDET 8+ years Cisco, TX Immediately
3 Sree Divya QA-SDET 8+ Years Chicago ,IL Immediately
4 Gayathri QA-SDET 8+ Years MI Immediately
5 Jyothi reddy Python developer 8+ Years Dalls, Tx Immediately
6 Bharath Java Fullstack Developer 8+ years Texas Immediately
7 Keerthana Okta 7+ Years Alpharetta, GA Immediately
8 Sudeepti QA-SDET 8+ Years Dalls, Tx Immediately
9 Arthi QA-SDET 8+ Years San Ramon,CA Immediately
10 Farzana QA-Automation Engineer 8+ Years Virginia(Remote,Hybrid) Immediately
11 Sravani Power BI Tableu 8+ Years Phonix,AZ Immediately
12 Shalini Test Automation Engineer 8+ Years Milwaukee, WI Immediately
13 Jaffer Devops Engineer 8+ Years Manchester,NH (Dallas,TX) Immediately
14 Rana Pratap Java developer 8+ Years Irving,TX Immediately

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Skill Set Relocation Visa
Senior Agile Coach Remote Citizen
Data Architect Remote      Citizen
AWS Solution Architect Remote Citizen
Java Developer Backend Remote Citizen
Network Engineer Remote GC
Windows System Administrator     Remote            GC
 Service Now Developer/Admin Remote Citizen


bench sales

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S No Consultant Name Technology Visa Status Location Relocation Exp Yrs Availability
1 Likitha S Java Full Stack Developer H1B Cedar Park, TX Open 6 Immediately
2 Ipsheeta B QA Automation Tester H1B Louisville, KY Remote 6 Immediately
3 Anusha K Salesforce Developer H1B Franklin, TN Open 8+ Immediately
4 Sowmiah D Java Full Stack Developer H1B Indianapolis, IN Open 6 Immediately
5 Sushmitha S Data Scientist / Machine Learning H1B San Francisco, CA Open 6 Immediately
6 Asha K SFDC / Salesforce H1B Memphis, TN Open 8 Immediately
7 Sridevi M QA Automation / SDET L2 EAD ELK Grove, CA Remote 7 Immediately
8 Pradeep P Product Owner L2 EAD Bellevue, WA Open 5+ Immediately
9 Chandana V Java Full Stack H1B Seattle, WA Open 8+ Immediately
10 Shraddha G QA Validation CPT Philadelphia, PA Open 9+ Immediately
11 Sharad S Program Manager H1B Tr Seattle, WA Open 12 Immediately
12 Rahul C Java Full Stack OPT EAD Rocky Hill, CT Open 6+ Immediately
13 Mustafa K Salesforce Admin GC Edison, NJ NY/NJ/ Remote 10 Immediately
14 Bharani T SalesForce CRM / Admin GC Philadelphia PA PA/ Remote 7 Immediately
15 Shalini P Sr Certified Scrum Master H1B Edison, NJ NJ/NY / Remote 14 Immediately
16 Lakshmi P Salesforce Admin/Developer H4 EAD Bellevue, WA Remote 7 Immediately
17 Pradeep C Salesforce Admin GC EAD Middle Town, DE Northeast / Remote 14+ 2 Weeks

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Abinash.B GC EAD TX 8+
Soundarya Nelluri GC EAD OH 8+
Sai Kumar. A GC EAD MO 7+
Meghana Turaka GC EAD WA 8+
Sai Sowmya GC EAD OH 8+
Vybhav GC EAD OH 8+
Sravya Guntupalli GC EAD NC 7+
Akshitha Pokuri GC EAD OH 8+
Tarun Kalidindi GC EAD NC 8+
Hardhik Parepudi GC EAD TX 8+
Manaswini GC EAD OH 8+
Sravya Reddy GC EAD TX 8+
Aarohi Panchal GC EAD OH 8+
Sai Nadh Reddy GC EAD OH 8+
Sai Shresta Bireddy GC EAD OH 8+
Tejaswini GC EAD TX 8+
Yashwanth GC EAD OH 8+
Vamshi GC EAD OH 8+
Sai Kumar Baru GC EAD OH 7+
Kashif GC EAD IL 8+
Ali GC EAD IL 7+
Ganesh Racha GC EAD OH 8+

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Name Job Title VISA Total
RELOCATION Current Location
Jun Yu UX/UI Designer OPT 5yrs YES Seattle, WA
Jiawei UX/UI Designer OPT 5yrs YES San Francisco, CA
Lianlian UX/UI Designer OPT 10yrs YES San Francisco, CA
Lingyu UX Designer OPT 5yrs YES Ann Arbor, MI
Summer UX Designer OPT 7yrs YES San Francisco, CA
Neha Tableau Developer H4 EAD 7yrs NO Netcong, NJ
Raisa Tableau Developer OPT 5yrs YES Bear, DE
Shengshi Tableau Developer OPT 5yrs YES Redmond, WA
Zebing Tableau Developer OPT 7yrs YES New Hartford, CT
Hongyu Tableau Developer OPT 7yrs YES Edison, NJ
Jianan Tableau / BI Developer STEM OPT 5yrs NO Bayonne, NJ
Neeharika Sr. Oracle BI Developer / OBIEE Developer H1B 11yrs NO San Jose, CA
Brian Scrum Master / Agile Coach Green Card 7yrs YES Hamilton, OH
Ilaya Salesforce Developer H4 EAD 7yrs YES Dublin, CA
Yunyao React.js Developer OPT 6yrs YES Worcester, MA
Rachel React Developer OPT 7yrs YES Summit, NJ
Grace React Developer OPT 6yrs YES New York City, NY
Enmo Python Developer OPT 6yrs YES Waltham, MA
Manu Project Manager H1T 7yrs YES Boston, MA
Aarsh Madaan Project Manager STEM OPT 8yrs YES Boston, MA
Neelofer Power BI / Tableau H1B 7yrs NO Hurley, VA
Sam Java Developer – Sr Citizen 12yrs NO Sunnyvale, CA
Junlin Java Developer CPT 7yrs YES Canton, MI
Ruwei Java Developer OPT 5yrs YES Seattle, WA
Andrew Java Developer OPT 5yrs NO New York City, NY
Zesheng Java Developer H1B 8yrs YES Weehawken, NJ
He Wang Java Developer OPT 7yrs YES Boston, MA
Yeling Java Developer OPT 5yrs YES Edison, NJ
Brian Shen Java Developer H1B 7yrs YES Bellevue, WA
Aowei Java Developer OPT 6yrs YES Seattle, WA
Wei Huan Java Developer OPT 5yrs YES Brooklyn, NY
Yifan Zeng Java Developer H1B 7yrs NO Watertown, MA
Advait Data Scientist / Data Engineer – Sr H1B 14yrs NO New York City, NY
Chen Lei Data Scientist STEM OPT 7yrs YES Pittsburgh, PA
Hui Chen Data Scientist OPT 7yrs YES Brooklyn, NY
Jenny Data Scientist OPT 4yrs NO Jersey City, NJ
Tanni Data Scientist OPT 5yrs NO State College, PA
Yifan Data Scientist OPT 5yrs YES Pittsburgh, PA
Yizhou Data Scientist STEM OPT 5yrs YES Philadelphia, PA
Chenyang Data Scientist OPT 7yrs YES Minneapolis, MN
Zhuoying Data Scientist OPT 5yrs YES Boston, MA
Chen Yu Data Scientist OPT 5yrs YES Bethesda, MD
Jing Data Scientist OPT 7yrs NO Cupertino, CA
Stephanie Data Scientist OPT 7yrs YES Bethesda, MD

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S.No Skills Location Experience Visa
1 Salesforce Developer Remote Initially 6+ H4EAD
2 AZURE DevOps Engineer Remote Initially 8+ GC
3 AWS DevOps Engineer Remote Initially 8+ GC
4 Full Stack Java Developer Remote Initially 9+ H1B
5 Full Stack Java Developer Remote Initially 9+ H1B
6 Python Remote Initially 8+ H4EAD
7 QA Engineer Open Relocate/Remote 5+ USC
8 QA Engineer Remote Initially / Hybrid, CA 6+ Stem OPT
9 CDM Remote Initially 7+ H4EAD
10 Front End Web Developer Remote Initially 6+ GC
11 Full Stack .Net Developer Remote Initially 9+ GC


bench sales recruiter


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# Name Skill/Role Exp Loc Availability Visa
1 Anuruddha .Net Lead Developer 10+ TN 1 Week H1B
2 Lipi B Sr BI Developer 10+ CA 1 Week H4 EAD
3 Divya Remedy Developer 6+ NC Immediate H4 EAD
4 Kaushik T Sr. QA Analyst 15+ OH 1 Week H1B
5 Mohana Priya Scrum Master 7 TX 1 Week H4 EAD
6 Sandhya K SAP GRC & Security Consultant 8 AZ 1 Week GC
7 Jyotsna Business Intelligence Analyst 8+ NC 1 Week H1B
8 Nandini Oracle HCM Functional Consultant 6 NV 1 Week L2 EAD
9 Ankitha S Java Developer 10+ MI 1 Week H1B
10 Vijoy Project Manager/ Axiom Lead Consultant 11+ UT 1 Week H4 EAD
11 Indira .Net Developer 8+ CA 1 Week H4 EAD
12 Harkamal Data Engineer / SQL Developer 7 FL 1 Week USC
13 Shital Power BI Developer/ Data Analyst 8 WA 1 Week L2 EAD
14 Samanvitha Project Manager 6 KS 1 Week H4 EAD
15 Iti Aggarwal Business Analyst (Property & Casuality) 10 NJ 1 Week GC
16 Himani SAP BW/ HANA Consultant 6+ TX 1 Week H4 EAD
17 Sindhusha Hyperion Consultant 5+ TX 1 Week L2S
18 Madhuri Salesforce QA Analyst 8+ CA 1 Week L2 EAD
19 Priyanka K Power BI / SQL Developer 6+ CT 1 Week E2
20 Dhivya E FileNet Admin 7 NC 1 Week H4 EAD
21 Bharti UI ReactJs Developer 5+ NJ 1 Week L2S
22 Prayagi Tableau Developer 5+ CA 1 Week H4 EAD
23 Payal .Net Developer 12+ PA 1 Week GC EAD
24 Kiran Lead Business Analyst / Product Owner 9+ TX 1 Week USC
25 Akhila S Mainframe Developer 8+ CA 1 Week H4 EAD

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Sno Skill Experience Current Location Relocation
1 Cyber Threat Engineer 7+ TX No
2 Cyber Threat Engineer 6 TX No
3 Business Analyst 6+ TX No
4 Lead Java Developer with AWS 10+ VA TX
5 Devops Engineer with AWS 9+ VA No
6 Agile Scrum Master 15+ GA No
7 Lead .Net Developer 12+ TX No
8 Lead Business System Analyst / Scrum 15+ AZ No
9 Data Scientist/ BI with Tableau / Data Analyst 4+ NJ Yes
10 AWS Devops Engineer 5 IL No
11 Sharepoint Admin / Migration Specialist/ MS365 Admin 20+ TX No
12 Java Developer 8 TX No
13 Java Developer 6+ TX No
14 Project Manager/ Business Analyst 15+ TX No
15 Data Analyst 6+ VA No
16 Workday HCM Consultant 8 TX No
17 QA Automation 6+ PA No
18 BA with Healthcare 8 OH No
19 Technical Business Data Analyst 4+ CA Yes
20 RPA Lead / Architect / Manager 13+ OH No
21 Cyber Security Engineer 3 CA Yes
22 QA Lead 12+ CA No
23 Sql Developer 6+ VA No
24 Cloud Architect 20+ FL No
25 Windows server Admin 15+ TX No

1. Understanding Benchinfo: Benchinfo serves as an invaluable resource hub, aggregating information and insights from diverse sources to provide users with a holistic view of relevant topics. Whether users are seeking market trends, industry reports, or technology updates, Benchinfo offers a centralized platform to access a wealth of information conveniently.

2. Comprehensive Coverage

a. Business Intelligence: Benchinfo covers a wide range of business intelligence topics, including market analysis, competitor research, and strategic insights to help businesses make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

b. Technology Insights: In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Benchinfo provides users with the latest updates, trends, and innovations across various sectors, including AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, and more.

c. Financial News: Stay updated with the latest financial news, stock market trends, and investment opportunities through Benchinfo’s curated content and analysis, empowering users to make sound financial decisions.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Benchinfo boasts a user-friendly interface designed to enhance the browsing experience and facilitate seamless navigation. With intuitive search functionalities, categorization by topic or industry, and personalized recommendations, users can easily find relevant information tailored to their interests and needs.

4. Customization and Personalization

a. Personalized Recommendations: Leveraging user data and preferences, Benchinfo offers personalized recommendations, suggesting articles, reports, and insights aligned with the user’s interests and browsing history.

b. Custom Alerts: Users can set up custom alerts and notifications to stay informed about specific topics, events, or keywords of interest, ensuring they never miss out on important updates or developments.

5. Value-Added Services

a. Expert Analysis: Benchinfo provides expert analysis and commentary on key trends and developments, offering valuable insights and perspectives from industry experts and thought leaders.

b. Interactive Tools: Some Benchinfo platforms may offer interactive tools and dashboards, allowing users to visualize data, conduct simulations, and analyze trends dynamically for deeper insights.

c. Educational Resources: In addition to curated content, Benchinfo may offer educational resources such as webinars, tutorials, and whitepapers to help users enhance their knowledge and skills in their respective fields.

6. Community Engagement: Benchinfo fosters a sense of community among its users, enabling interaction, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Users can participate in forums, discussion groups, and networking events to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights from collective experiences.


Benchinfo emerges as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking timely, relevant, and insightful information across various domains. With its comprehensive coverage, user-friendly interface, customization options, value-added services, and vibrant community engagement, Benchinfo empowers users to stay informed, make informed decisions, and drive success in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape. Whether users are professionals, entrepreneurs, or enthusiasts, Benchinfo serves as a trusted ally in their quest for knowledge and growth.

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