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Grilled Foods That Pair Amazingly Well with Cider

The traditional cornerstones of summer dining have often revolved around charcoaled flavours and outdoor festivities. Grilling, an age-old method of cooking, has always possessed an ineffable quality that enhances the flavours of the season’s freshest foods, transforming it into an art form for many. However, what surpasses the smoky delights of the grill? When they are complemented by the crisp, complex flavours of a meticulously crafted cider. This is not solely about eating; it is about creating a culinary experience that engages all the senses. Grab some food, pickup a pint of cider and enjoy!

A Cider Renaissance

Just when it seemed the world of beverages had been exhaustively explored, a subtle resurgence of cider has begun to make significant waves. The era when cider was viewed as the overly sweet offshoot of the craft beer industry is now behind us. Today, it stands squarely on its own, celebrated for its range of tastes – from sweet to dry, tart to tangy, and everything in between.


What has propelled this resurgence? Partly, it’s due to the rise in artisanal and craft approaches, mirroring the movement in the beer industry. More importantly, the versatility of cider offers a dynamic palette suitable for pairing with a variety of cuisines, particularly those prepared on the grill. The effervescence and acidity of cider make it an ideal companion for the rich and umami flavours of grilled meats and vegetables.

Sizzling Companions

Picture this – a perfectly grilled, slightly charred kebab and a glass of ice-cold, slightly tart cider. The contrast between the warm, savoury tones and the cool, refreshing tang is an experience that diners crave. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Shellfish grilled with garlic lemon butter, served with a dry cider? It’s an unparalleled union. Grilled peaches drizzled with balsamic reduction alongside a spiced apple cider? The symphony of charred and caramelised meets the orchestration of sweet and spiced. The potential for pairings is as vast as one’s imagination, and these are but a few examples of how the grill and cider can become culinary allies.

Mastering the Art

Pairing food with beverages is both an art and a science. For grilled dishes and cider, achieving the right balance is essential. Delicate grilled fare, such as whitefish or shrimp, will be overwhelmed by a robust cider, just as a light cider might be overshadowed by a hearty steak. Consider sweetness, acidity, and body to create harmonious duos on your own grill. Pay attention to the cooking method as well – a slow-cooked meat may beg for a cider with deeper, smokier overtones, while a flash-grilled veggie could be delightful with a bright, crisp pour.

The warmer months are an invitation to experiment and indulge in culinary creativity. Cider accords with grilled foods perfectly and provides an opportunity to curate meals that are both comforting and refreshing. The grill and the glass are calling, ready to create unforgettable moments.

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