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How to Share Your Time Between Digital Marketing Techniques

For business owners, digital marketing is the hamster wheel of our times. A dizzying array of options spin before our eyes, and we spin with them, hoping to catch up without falling off—but that’s where the rub comes in. Time is limited, but the digital realm is anything but. You want to prioritize email marketing, but you have a million and one other things too. To optimize your endeavors, a strategic approach is crucial for directing your finite time and energy effectively.

Understanding Digital Marketing Techniques

Before you launch into the time juggle, you need a crash course in the digital marketing circus. It’s a three-ring show:

Ring 1: Social Media & Content Marketing

This is our acrobatics act, full of high-wire posts and somersaulting shares. Content is king, but distribution is the kingdom; social media is where the two meet.

Ring 2: SEO & SEM

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are the strongmen, lifting your website’s rankings to greater visibility. Keywords are their favorite weights.

Ring 3: Email & Influencer Marketing

In the final ring, we have the psychology of the crowd and the individual comes to play. Email marketing is old-school cool, and partnering with influencers is like having a lion-tamer in your ring: exhilarating and a little bit dangerous.

Prioritizing Techniques

You can’t be all things to all platforms, so choose wisely. Which rings matter most to your business goals? If you’re a startup, the acrobatics act of content and social engagement might be your scene. For a more established company, the sheer strength of SEO and SEM could be where your presence needs buffing up.

Identifying High Impact Strategies

Imagine this scenario as a choose-your-own-adventure book. Would turning to page 24 result in an increase in sales? Pick the paths that have the highest likelihood of a happy ending.

Aligning With Business Goals

Your marketing efforts should be the heralds of your business. Make sure they’re shouting the right message in the right direction.

Time Allocation Strategy

Now it’s time to tame your schedule. Digital marketing loves to gobble up time, but with a few tricks, you can keep it in check.

Creating a Routine

Routine isn’t the enemy of creativity; it’s its ally. Set specific times for specific tasks, and the rest will follow more smoothly.

Using Productivity Tools

Remember, you’re not alone in the ring. Tools like Hootsuite, Trello, and can be your fellow performers.

Optimizing Time Usage

No one expects you to juggle alone or to practice new tricks without a net. Here’s where the support staff comes in.

Exploring Automation

While we can’t yet replace the enchantment of a live show, we can certainly automate its marketing.

Delegating for a Spectacular Act

If you aren’t the SEO expert or the design guru, leave those stunts to the pros while you handle the ringmaster duties.

Continuous Learning

In the circus, continuous acquisition of new skills is paramount to staying ahead. This principle applies equally to the realm of digital marketing.

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