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Let’s Discuss all about the DRIT course


Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology (DRIT) is a 2-Years Diploma Program in which you will be Skilled and trained to handle key levels of the Equipment and everything in the Radiology and Imaging Centers. 

If you are willing to join the health care sector and join the Allied army to serve then it could be one of the best courses for you. 

As this course is programmed mainly on the training portion where you will be trained in handling every kind of situation and Equipment.

As we know this sector could be one of the best and fastest job opportunities providing a sector not only in private but also government sector.

What is the Eligibility criteria of a DRIT Course?

  • To get admission in his course you must have passed your 12th in science background and have 45% marks Aggregate.
  • The eligibility criteria may differ in some of the universities and institutions as they conduct entrance exams in which you have to qualify to get admission in the DRIT course.

Syllabus of The DRIT course

The basic syllabus of DRIT is mentioned below. It may vary in some universities and institutions but overall it will remain the same:


  • Anatomy & Osteology
  • Basic Human Physiology
  • Radiography Positioning-I
  • Duties of Radiographer
  • Dark Room Procedure-I


  • Radiography Positioning-II
  • Dark Room Procedure-II
  •  Radiation Physics & Radiography
  •  Radiation Hazard & Protection

How to choose The best paramedical college for admission?

  • Self-Assessment: The most important is self-assessment before taking a step in your career journey as it will decide your future. Go with your interests, career goals, and strengths.
  • Course Selection: You have to make the right decision while choosing your course towards your interest as it is the main factor that creates curiosity in learning.
  • Institution Selection: Check all about the universities or institutions you are going to choose as there are many Best Paramedical Colleges too which have better placements than many universities. Check the environment, location, and other facilities in the institution. 
  • Teaching and Training Faculty: The Teaching and training faculty should be well trained and experts. As they play an important role in your learning and training so also check this factor.
  • Financial conditions: Keep in mind there are so many affordable institutes so you can choose as per your financial conditions.

Career Opportunities 

After pursuing this course in the radiology field of healthcare, there are many professions that you can opt for as per your Interest. Some of the opportunities are given below: 

  • PhD in Radiology Courses (Paramedical): If you have keen desire to join health care and are willing to give all your efforts and get into the R & D sector of it. You can pursue a PhD in it and serve in future.
  • Radiology Medical Attendant: You can join any Hospital, trauma centre and nursing home where you can serve there as Radiology Medical assistant
  • Assistant to Radiologists: After completing your diploma in Radiology and Imaging technology you can join any radiologist as an assistant and serve there by helping him positioning patients while taking high quality images without errors.
  • Assistants to X-Ray: After this diploma course you also have an option to become Assistant to X-Ray. It is also demanding job opportunities as there are various trauma centres and hospitals. You have an opportunity to join a private or Government hospital.
  • Radiology Nurse: After this course, you can become a radiology Nurse and serve at any hospital, trauma centre, or nursing-home and work as an assisting radiologist or Doctor’s assistant.  

Average Annual salary

Job Profile Annual Average Salary
PhD in Radiology Courses (Paramedical) 6 Lakh
Radiology Medical Attendant 2.6 Lakh
Assistant to Radiologists 2.8 Lakh
Assistants to X-Ray 3 Lakh
Radiology Nurse 2.6 Lakh


Duties of Radiographer

  • Has Clinical, Ethical, and legal responsibility, Performs Procedure in event of accident, radiographer and Patient.
  • Performs General Preliminaries to examination , patient on stretcher , Anaesthetizes Patient
  • Maintains Hygiene in X-Ray department 
  • Maintains Drugs in X-Ray department, Preparation of Patient Purgatives, Prevention of Intestine gas.
  • Checks Diabetic Patient, Infant, Mobile X-Ray set , Precaution in Patient.
  • Provides Oxygen therapy, Intravenous, Fluid, Traction. Operation Theater, Radiation Safety, and Protective Measurement.

Overall we can say it can be a growing career opportunity for you and not only government private institutions also provide the best education and training to the institutions.

There are some Best paramedical colleges in Delhi which provide best assistance and placements.

After this Diploma course not only in India you can also go abroad as it has very high demand and so many vacancies in many developed countries such as Germany, UK, USA, France etc. 

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