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The Best Short Haircuts for Every Age

Short haircuts are almost a default choice for most men. They are versatile, providing options for different lifestyles and tastes. Moreover, it is easy to maintain short hair. Most guys prefer short hairs because they allow more exposure to their facial features. Some men have long top hair with short sides. Short fade haircuts also merge contemporary and traditional styles. You can now find the list of the best short haircuts for men of every age.

Taper Fade Haircut

This is a popular hairstyle for most men who want a stylish and balanced look. The back and side hairs have a decreasing length. You will have a faded effect with this hairstyle.

Short Crop

If you prefer athletic hairstyles for short hair, a short crop is the best choice. Your short hair will clearly define the solid crop cup. The longer top can be juxtaposed with the solid undercut. The crop cut for short men’s hair reveals sharpness. You will also look more professional with this haircut.


The undercut is another short haircut leaving the lengthy hair on top. With this short haircut, you can make your hair volume more prominent. It also lets you show off your facial contour. Undercut is a suitable choice for any type of hair, including wavy and straight ones.

Short Caesar Haircuts

Men of any age can choose this hairstyle for a low-maintenance solution. The horizontally cut short fringe makes you look unique. Whether you have a square or oval face shape, you can choose the haircut. Moreover, the short Caesar haircut is best for those who have a receding hairline. This haircut has different variations, such as high-fade Caesar and sharp, precise Caesar.

Ivy League

The classic Ivy League hairstyle involves a shorter back and sides, but the top hair is slightly longer. You will have a polished and professional look with this hairstyle. You can comb your hair to the sides and back to add more volume. With this haircut, the length of the front hair is not more than two inches. Have a smarter look with an Ivy League haircut.

Crew Cut

This is another low-maintenance, athletic hairstyle, which makes you look elegant. The top hairs get slowly shorter when they move to the back from the front. Using a boar-bristle brush, you can distribute the natural sheen of your hair. If the front of your hairline is longer, it refers to the military crew cuts. Have a classic look with this haircut.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut does not simply mean a shaved head. This fuss-free style is a popular choice for military personnel. Taper the edges for a neat look. If you want a more contemporary style, a tapered buzz cut will be the best option. A buzz cut is the right choice for men of any facial shape.

So, you have a lot of choices for your short haircuts. You can consult a professional barber to pick the right hairstyle based on your preferences and facial structures.

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