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Unlocking Eternia Mumbai: Exploring the Showrooms and Services for Aluminium Doors and Windows

Hindalco, by Aditya Birla Group, the world’s largest aluminium manufacturer, has brought to us all Eternia, its specialised aluminium doors and windows unit. It is a revolutionary company that has brought forward the best quality doors and windows in the Indian fenestration industry. In a world where misinformation is rampant, Eternia has resolved to provide utmost transparency to its customers and business partners, ensuring a secure and reliable experience. The Indian consumer is unaware of the benefits of a good-quality window system. Most of them are still hinged to the traditional wooden window system. The 21st century is all about sustainability and going green. And what other way to contribute to the global vision than starting with our living spaces?

This blog explores Eternia as a brand, its role in the market, the role of fabricators, and the newly opened Eternia Mumbai store.

Eternia: Pioneering a Sustainable and a Reliable Future

The fenestration industry in India still falls under the unorganised sector. Therefore, Eternia plans to nurture a transparent and high-quality eco-system that focuses on not just a handful of customers but covers each stratum of the Indian household. The outstanding features that Eternia offers:

1.     WiWA Certification

Eternia windows and doors are WiWA certified. WiWA is an acronym for Wind, Water, and Air. This score checks and ensures the functionality of their windows in three main categories: air permeability, water tightness, and wind resistance. This means that their window systems are engineered to withstand heavy rainfall and cyclonic winds! The best part is that they have developed an algorithm, “Know Your WiWA Score,” so buyers can check the score of the selected window and choose for themselves.

2.   Duranium

Duranium is an aluminium alloy specially created for Eternia by Hindalco. It is the world’s first continuously recyclable alloy and also helps achieve a low air permeability score in all its aluminium doors and windows. This ensures minimum energy leakage without compromising on strength and safety. They also take extra care to ensure their bought-out components are made of recyclable materials, such as nylon Grade 6.

3.     GreenPro Ecolabel

Eternia’s aluminium doors and windows have received a GreenPro label from the IGBC(Indian Green Building Code). They are the only company to have international recognition for a low environmental impact from their business activities.

Eternia: Online and Offline Presence

To help customers visualise the end product, Eternia has created Foresense, the world’s only 3D AR/VR tool for windows. This unique tool enables buyers to try their aluminium doors and windows before buying one in the context of their home. While most industry players offer either 2D, AR, or VR, Eternia has pushed its boundaries to make the choice easy and hassle-free for their customers. For buyers who want an on-site, real-time experience, Eternia has its aligned fabricators in and around the country. Showrooms like Eternia Mumbai, Eternia Bhopal, etc., are being opened to further fortify the offline presence across cities.

Best Service and Customer Support

Eternia offers a tremendous 12-year warranty on its profiles and a 2-year warranty on moving hardware parts (rollers, locks, handles, hinges) and gaskets. This instils confidence among buyers to trust their products. The warranty period starts after the installation is completed or after 30 days of the delivery of the selected products, whichever is earlier. A window expert is assigned to each customer, who helps and answers all the questions at every stage. This assistance is provided from the first digital interaction to the last window installed. They also have the industry-first AMC service for windows, which includes professional cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals.


As consumers, our role in sustainability is to choose the right doors and windows without compromising their quality and design. We must educate ourselves with the help of companies like Eternia and buy updated best-in-class products. To explore further and to know Eternia’s windows price list, visit their website or the nearest showroom, and feel the wave of change embedded in style!

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